Marketing | Email | New Signature Instructions

Once you've received your email signature, these are your next steps:


Outlook Online Email

  1. Open a new email message
  2. On the Messages tab, select the Signature dropdown and then Signatures
  3. Add a new signature and set a name
  4. In the text box below the signature title, paste your new email signature
  5. Scroll down and set your new email signature as your default signature for new messages and replies/forwards
  6. Select Save  

Outlook Desktop Email

  1. Access your settings by clicking on the cog at the bottom of your navigation menu
  2. Select the Signature option from the list
  3. In the text box provided, paste your new email signature
  4. Select save

Mobile Email


  1. Copy your new email signature
  2. Go to your settings app
  3. Select the mail app
  4. Scroll down to the composing section and select signature
  5. Paste your new email signature

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